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Mariami Cake

Mariami Cake

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Introducing Mariami, a truly exceptional cake created by Chef Maia Acquaviva as a heartfelt gift for her daughter, Mariami. This delightful masterpiece is a testament to Chef Maia's creativity and culinary prowess, combining a unique blend of flavors and textures to create a truly unforgettable taste experience.

At the foundation of Mariami lies a buttery, crumbly shortcrust pastry base that provides a delicate and satisfying crunch with every bite. This perfectly complements the layers of flavors that await, setting the stage for an extraordinary cake journey.

The star of the show is the plums, marinated in Saperavi wine, which infuse the cake with a tantalizing burst of sweetness and a subtle, wine-infused richness. These succulent plums add a touch of elegance to each forkful, taking the taste experience to new heights.

Complementing the plums are the roasted walnuts, which bring a delightful nuttiness and a satisfying crunch to the cake. The roasted walnuts provide a wonderful textural contrast and their earthy flavors harmonize flawlessly with the other ingredients.

To further enhance the indulgence, the Mariami cake features a creamy layer made from sour cream. This luxurious and velvety cream brings a delightful tanginess that balances the sweetness of the plums and adds a velvety smoothness to each bite.

As a crowning touch, the Mariami cake is elegantly topped with a rich layer of chocolate, adding a touch of decadence and irresistible allure. The smooth, velvety chocolate beautifully complements the other flavors, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes that dance on the palate.

Mariami is not just a cake; it is an exquisite masterpiece, created with love and devotion. Its originality, combining plums marinated in Saperavi wine, roasted walnuts, a creamy sour cream layer, a buttery shortcrust pastry base, and a luscious chocolate topping, sets it apart as a true standout in the realm of confectionary delights.

Chef Maia's Mariami cake is a testament to her skill and passion, celebrating the love for her daughter and creating a lasting memory through the art of baking. Indulge in the enchantment of Mariami and embark on a sensory journey that combines exceptional flavors, textures, and the pure joy of experiencing a truly remarkable cake.

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